Assignment 1: Selfie

Hello, my name is Daniel. I am a baseball and basketball fan. I enjoy playing classic video games in my spare time. I am working on my credential to become a Special Ed teacher in the mild/moderate category. I look to make a difference in these student’s lives and prepare them for life. Big time Rick and Morty fan. img_4394


Assignment 2: DIY Culture

Communication Button Press

I find this tool to be extremely useful in the classroom for students who can not communicate clearly or are difficult to understand. Students may not be able to form the proper hand signals so by viewing the picture they can press the button to what they need and also learn the vocabulary for that term.

Ninja Stress Balls

I believe this tool can assist students to alleviate their anxiety they have in the classroom.  It not only gives the students something to relax their mind, but also allows them to focus their attention back to the assignment while de-stressing themselves.

Shoe Tying Education Aid

This tool can help individuals whose motor skills have not quite developed and may struggle to hold objects in their hands. With this, they can learn to practice with shoelaces maintaining objects in their hand and learning techniques they feel comfortable with.

Graph-o Writing Aid

This particular tool would be of great help for one of my students who does not like grasping pencils in his hand and complains. This will let him enjoy writing without any complaints and begin finishing assignments.

Zipper Pull

This tool would be perfect for one of my students who has motor skill problems. When they go to the bathroom, they usually take a while because they are having trouble. With this tool, they can use it to assist their needs and get back to instruction.

One tool I would further enhance is the communication button press. I would try my best to install more words that the students can refer to by pressing the button. This would add to their vocabulary and be able to communicate more with the teachers.

Assignment 4: Manipulatives 3D Printing

I think students would benefit from actually holding a 3D printed brain than simply looking at images from a textbook. A modeled replica will do justice by allowing the student to rotate the brain and look at the different parts of the brain. They can locate all the lobes of the brain, have a better understanding of synapses and dendrites, and gain an appreciation for everything our brain allows us to do that we take for granted.

3d brain

Sunnyvale Public Library offers free 3D printing to the public. You must use a 3D modeling software service such as SketchUp Make or Tinkercad to create your object. Afterwards you must set up an appointment with the library staff and bring your saved file created from the software. You can either stay for the amount of time it takes or check in periodically. Only accepts 3D printing models that take 4 hours or less.

Sunnyvale Public Library



Assignment 8: iTunes U/Web-based enhancements

How Science Works -Broadens knowledge and understanding of science with activities, videos, and classroom ready materials.

Children’s Fun Story Time – Allows children to be read to and enjoy during rest. Makes them familiar with.

Short and Curly – Answers questions for kids in an ethical manner they may have questions about, allows them to think and become aware of other possibilities.

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd – Invites kids on an adventure whilst learning about the history of the world and the people and events that transpired it.

ESL Services – Tackles common grammar problems experienced by ESL students in the English language.